Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Plastic Surgery Article Finds Most Patients are Pleased with Results of Breast Reduction

A new PRS study finds that women generally rate the appearance of their breasts following breast reduction surgery as "good" to "very good" - but plastic surgeons are more critical of the cosmetic results.
Since starting my practice in 1984, I have performed approximately 2,000 breast reduction cases. This procedure has by far been the most appreciated by my patients. The presenting symptoms I see most commonly are:
  • Upper and lower back pain,
  • Chest wall heaviness.
  • Shoulder grooving.
  • Rashes beneath the breast.
  • Upper extremity numbness of the hand is the most extreme finding.


As far as the cosmetic result, proper  breast mound development to avoid that flat operated on look is imperative. 
Most of my patients have gone from a DD cup to a perky C cup.
  • 80% of our patients have recovered full nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed.
  • We have found that this procedure has been covered by insurance in over 85% of our patients. 

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