Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moles on the Mind.

    Unless you are Cindy Crawford, having a mole is probably not your trademark. Moles are not only an aesthetic distraction but can get in the way of shaving, can rub against clothing or jewelry or be a source of suspicion.
     In the majority of cases, a mole is merely a benign growth in the skin. They come in various shapes and sizes and can appear literally anywhere on the body. Some are clustered in groups and some are singular. You can be born with a mole or discover them over time. On rare occasions they may be pre-cancerous--reason enough to have them checked, if not removed completely.
     Why hesitate?  Despite the obvious cosmetic reasons most people postpone mole removal because they fear it will be painful and/or cause scarring.  For years physicians removed moles through direct excision which meant minor surgery that required anesthetic and sutures. In reality, this technique did involve a higher risk of excessive scarring.
     Freezing moles was and is another popular method, but recurrence is common and scarring can still be an unwanted byproduct.  Chemical removal is discouraged as it is almost always accompanied by noticeable scarring.    
     The good news is that mole removal, with minimal or eliminated scarring is available and is our preferred method of addressing this concern. Radio surgical mole removal involves a laser-like pencil device to remove the lesions with thermal energy. A local anesthetic is applied. There is virtually no scarring because stitches are unnecessary. The mole can easily be sent away to check for harmful cells. Most procedures take less than 15 minutes depending on the number of moles. Over the course of a few days the skin heals, leaving little trace that the lesion was ever there.  Deeper or larger moles might leave a small pink spot that will fade or become lighter over time.
     In my 25 years of experience with over 10,000 cases I have found this method to be the most quick, painless and effective technique for removing moles without significant scarring. There is no excuse to wait for smoother, clearer skin.

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