Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sensitive Asian Skin: How to Treat for Sun Spots, Lines, and Redness

42 Yr Old Asian with Sensitive Skin: Chemical or Laser for Sun Spots, Lines and Discoloration?

I have a question regarding the pros and cons of chemical vs. laser for my skin type – fair, Asian skin that SCARS easily, capillaries, sun spots, fine wrinkles, burns minimal, uneven red pigment tone on the cheeks and chin. I would like to get rid of the sun spots, lines, discoloration, and capillaries, but fear either treatment will leave my skin more discolored and scarred. Any suggestions? - 42 year old Asian with sensitive skin.

Sensitive Asian Skin: What we recommend for Sun Spots, Lines and Redness

1. A skin care regimen that avoids excessive abrasion and exfoliation, but that contains a light moisturizer and a natural anti-inflammatory component. We recommend this personalized system from Enza Essentials. Click here for more information. 
2. A non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment, such as Pellevé. Avoid chemical peels and aggressive lasers because of the sensitivity of your skin.
3. For sun spots start with 8% Hydroquinone with sunscreen; when hyper pigmentation starts to resolve - reduce concentration to 4% for maintenance.  
4. For the redness I would recommend a non-invasive vascular laser treatment.

In closing, I strongly recommend to avoid any treatments that are going to irritate your sensitive skin.

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  1. Very good information. Cosmetic surgery is really very helpful to get younger looking skin.
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  2. I heard with many that Laser treatment is really very helpful,, but I've very sensitive skin and from last one month I am facing the problem of sun spots. How can I rectify that the treatment can suits my skin or not?