Monday, July 30, 2012

What is the Best Way to Permanently Remove Under Eye Wrinkles

Crepey, lower eyelid skin can be improved, but in my opinion it can't be removed permanently. The recommended treatment plan would depend upon the patient's age and the degree of wrinkling in the lower eyelid skin.
  1. For the older patient with significant lower eyelid wrinkling, I recommend a more aggressive approach:
    1. Laser Resurfacing of the lower lid and an aggressive skin care maintenance program including a Tri-Peptide Wrinkle Reducing Serum. In most cases this approach can improve the wrinkles of the lower lid by 40 to 70%.
  2. For the younger patient with less eyelid wrinkling, I would recommend a less aggressive approach. One should expect a 30 to 50% improvement with this approach.
    1. Profractional Laser or Pellevé three times per year
    2. Microlaser Peel once per year
    3. Enza Essentials™ Tri-Peptide Cell Activator/wrinkle-reducing serum twice daily
Since aging and permanent wrinkle-removal is non-avoidable, maintenance is the key to avoiding and reducing unwanted wrinkles.
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